The Shabbat Collection

Luxury Gifts Range

Luxury Gifts Range

The Shabbat Collection™ Luxury Gifts range has been developed to provide a wide selection of high standard luxury gifts for Shabbat.  We launched the range with The Shabbat Collection Greeting Cards Set™ and - COMING SOON - The Shabbat Collection Illustrated Birkon™ with paintings exclusively from the Victoria Shasha Our Heritage Collection.  


Victoria Shasha is a London-based artist who was born in Singapore and first trained as a fashion designer and then studied art, eventually under the renowned artist Raphael Nouriel.  Her work is inspired by spiritual, holy scenes.  By using a wide range of vibrant colors and great attention to detail, she captures an unforgettable radiance and resemblance to her subject matter.  She has exhibited in London, Paris, New York and Singapore.


For more information please visit Victoria Shasha or contact the artist directly at

25% of profits from The Shabbat Collection Greeting Cards Set™ and The Shabbat Collection Illustrated Birkon™ will be given to charity by the EM Shasha Foundation.


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