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Challah Cover



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A beautifully stylish and decorative lightweight Challah Cover for covering the Challah – the braided bread - during the blessing made over the bread on Shabbat.  

The traditional bread eaten on Shabbat is the braided Challah.  According to the Jewish tradition, the two loaves of Challah are used to symbolize the double portion of Manna – special food - sent from God on Fridays to the Children of Israel in the wilderness after the Exodus from Egypt.  Each morning the Israelites found the Manna in the fields encased in two layers of dew to preserve its freshness – which is why the Challah loaves are placed beneath a Challah Cover to recreate the miracle of the Manna at our own Shabbat table.


  • Size: 40cm x 40cm
  • Colour: Light Grey with Blue or Grey Trimming
  • Material: 70% Peached Polyester 30% Nylon
  • SKU Code: TSC007CC1
  • Photographs by Mike Massaro