The Shabbat Collection


Our Story

RD Rubin-Feuerstein is the founder of The Shabbat Collection and lives with her family in Jerusalem, Israel.  Before settling in Jerusalem, London-born RD lived and worked across the globe from New York to Hong Kong and Los Angeles to Singapore.  The Shabbat Collection was born out of the need and desire to celebrate Shabbat away from home with all the familiar and essential components.  

Since RD's mother's international health work began in the 1980's she had used an airline zip-up bag to carry the items needed for ceremonial use on Shabbat.  However, during an assignment in the Northern Philippines in 1998 RD's mother met a local women's group who produced small black cloth zip-up bags and she immediately ordered ten to be used as Shabbat Travel Sets.  

In 2005, RD contacted an ex colleague, Cristiana Camisotti - a graduate of Central St Martins - asking her to produce initial designs for a new modernised Shabbat Travel Set.  By early 2012 Cristiana turned the concept designs into reality becoming the Brand Development & Product Designer of The Shabbat Collection.  Together with Anjali Mahtani - a client from RD's Hong Kong days - who effortlessly masterminded the manufacturing of products, the Shabbat Away range of Shabbat sets was born with the 10-piece Shabbat Away Travel Set as its launch product in November 2013.     

Today, The Shabbat Collection™ has a global customer base and works closely with Judaica stores, synagogues, schools, organisations and charities across the world.  It continues to offer its clients a wide variety of Shabbat-themed products and an opportunity to celebrate Shabbat anywhere in the world, both home and away, with all the familiar components that create a perfect Shabbat.