The Shabbat Collection

Our Story

The Shabbat Collection was born out of the need and desire to celebrate Shabbat away from home with all the familiar and essential components.

1970 RD Rubin is Born

Born as Rachel Gabrielle Feuerstein on 28th March in London, England.

1981-1988 Secondary Education

RD is a pupil at Carmel College in Oxfordshire, England - an international Jewish boarding school.

1988-1992 Further Education

RD studies in Jerusalem, Toronto and New York.

1992-1998 Working & Living in Asia

RD is the PR & Marketing and Banqueting Manager of ChinaMax in Hong Kong and the Regional Training Manager of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Singapore and Malaysia.

1998 The original Shabbat Kit

Since RD's mother's international health work began in the 1980's she had used an airline zip-up bag to carry the items needed for ceremonial use on Shabbat such as her folding candlesticks, Kiddush Cup, metal wine flask, challah cover and prayer book. During an assignment in the Northern Philippines in 1998 she met a local women's group who produced small black cloth zip-up bags and immediately ordered ten to be used as Shabbat Travel Sets.

1998-2004 Living & Working Globally

RD lives in Los Angeles & Israel and then works across Europe as the International Events Director of the Chemistry and as the Head of the Training Department of the Glo Group, London.

2004 Getting Married

On 9th May RD gets married in Jerusalem.

2005 The initial concept

In 2005 RD contacts an ex colleague, Cristiana Camistotti - a graduate of Central St Martins - who had been a noticeably gifted in-house graphic designer at the Glo Group - and asks her to produce the initial designs for a new modernized Shabbat Travel Set. Cristiana turns the concept into reality and it becomes clear that she would be the best person to eventually become the Brand Development & Product Designer of The Shabbat Collection.

2005-2009 Living & Working in the UK

RD is Head of Operations for Morelli's Gelato, UK.

2010-2011 Building a family

RD gives birth to twin boys and moves back to Israel. In 2011 she gives birth to a baby girl in Jerusalem.

2012 Building a business

During a trip to London in February 2012 RD asks Cristiana to revisit the initial Shabbat Travel Set concept and design work from 2005. She immediately agrees to and since that day helps RD to move the business forward in every way with the help of Anjali Mahtani - a client from RD's ChinaMax, Hong Kong days - who effortlessly masterminds the manufacturing of products.

2012 Refining the design

Work begins on fine tuning the initial Shabbat Travel Set concepts and designs. The Shabbat Away Range is born with the Shabbat Away Travel Set as its launch product!

2013 The Shabbat Collection is Launched!

Launching The Shabbat Collection has been a labor of love but one that has been blessed with a handful of extremely talented individuals to whom I will always be grateful:

Cristiana Camisotti from Studio Camisotti, London; Anjali Mahtani from One Step Ahead Ltd, Hong Kong; Zvi Wolicki - my business mentor - and Yaniv Ben-Yosef from MATI, Jerusalem; Jen Klor & Caroline Shapiro-Weiss from The, Jerusalem; Nathalie Garson - my launch marketing consultant - Jerusalem and George Gray from Ummo Design, London.

Today, we offer our clients a variety of Shabbat-themed products and an opportunity to celebrate Shabbat anywhere in the world, both home and away, with all the familiar components that create a perfect Shabbat.